Providers: Please take note of this announcement and direct members to it at your discretion.


If you or Medicaid members in your family have one of the following conditions, or are accessing one of the following services, you may be eligible for support through a Telligen case manager. Please call or contact Telligen at (888) 897-9003 or email Telligen at to learn if you qualify.

Conditions that may qualify for case management services include:

  • High-risk pregnancies
  • Infants in the NICU with extreme prematurity (23-24 weeks)
  • Infants born at less than 38 weeks with major medical issues or other complex health medical conditions

You may also be eligible if you have:

  • Been admitted to a Rehab or long-term acute care hospital (LTACH) facility with multi-trauma, stroke or are a newly diagnosed quadriplegic or paraplegic;
  • Had an organ transplant or seeking transplant services; or
  • Been admitted to a burn center.

Also, if you, or a Medicaid member in your family, are experiencing major social issues that impact your ability to leave the facility or get the right care after you leave, you may be eligible for case management services.

For more information please contact Telligen at (888) 897-9003 or email at