Education & Training

ID Qualitrac Training

Telligen conducted online training sessions to introduce the new concurrent review submission process, provide guidance on how to access letter information attached to cases in the portal, and other related items.  A copy of the slide deck used for these presentations can be found here.

Idaho Medicaid: Orientation and System Training
Recording: This is a recorded session from the Qualitrac training that was held in August.  This recording is available for those that may have missed the training sessions or would like to review any of the information covered in the session.

Presentation: This presentation contains the slides used for the Orientation and System training presentations held on August 9, 11, and 15th.

Recorded Trainings

Continued Stay Review and Telligen Updates
Telligen provided training on a change to how Continued Stay Reviews can be submitted in the Telligen Provider Portal on February 20th and 22nd, 2018.  This training will covered a change to the system on how users can more easily and quickly submit a continued stay review.  You can review the slide deck that was presented, here, or listen to a recorded session to learn more on what was covered, here.

Provider Orientation Session
Recording: View the recording to hear the information shared during one of the Provider Orientation sessions that were held in July. These sessions provide an introduction to Telligen and an introduction to our Provider Portal for utilization management review submission. This recording also includes questions asked by attendees and the answers Telligen provided. Password: Tell-ID721

Presentation: This presentation contains the slides that were used for the Idaho Provider Orientation Sessions held on July 18-21.